9 al 12 de setiembre del 2020


The  6th Ibero-American  Attachment  Network  International  Conference  invites expert
professionals and researchers from different countries to present and discuss their research,
clinical intervention, social intervention and policy experiences (programs and projects included) on attachment
theory topics across a person’s entire life cycle.

This space for dialog and debate will foster the exchange of  knowledge between researchers, professionals and students interested in the subject, as well as interactions between the participants’ proposals.

The 6 th Ibero-American Attachment Network International Conference will be held between
September 9 and 12 of 2020 in Lima, Peru and it is organized by Attachment Relationships and Social Emotional Development Reserch Group – Department of Psychology – Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and Ibero-American  Attachment  Network (RIA).

Event objectives:

  • To foster academic exchange through the discussion  of research,  clinical interventions, social interventions and policies (programs and projects included) based on attachment theory, focusing  on
    early childhood, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
  • To serve as a space for dialog between attachment theory, neuroscience, and culture-focused research, incorporating contemporary contributions about the interaction between culture and biology. Additionally,
    the event is intended to promote dialog about the current understanding of the relationship
    between attachment and relational psychoanalysis.


The RIA Conference has  been held biennially since 2012. This event is the sixth RIA Conference. Previous ones were held in:

  • Panamá City, Panamá (2010)
  • Santiago de Chile, Chile (2012)
  • San Diego, USA (2014)
  • Bogotá, Colombia (2016)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay (2018).