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There are several safe alternatives to move from Jorge Chavez International Airport to the city:

1. Bus: The Airportexpress Lima bus leaves the airport to Miraflores every hour, between 7:00 am and midnight. It is no service at dawn. It offers a safe and comfortable service with Wi-Fi on board. The cost for foreigners is USD $ 8. Website: https://www.airportexpresslima.com/es/horarios/abús-a-miraflores/

2. Taxi: it is recommended to hire it inside the airport when leaving with luggage. Several official companies offer taxi service and accept credit card payment. The Taxi Green company charges approximately USD $ 18 (S / 60 – sixty nuevos soles) for the transfer from the airport to Miraflores.

Currency exchange.

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It is recommended to request information about foreign exchange houses in the Reception of your hotel. It is important to indicate that establishments accept US dollars at the exchange rate of the day.


  • In Lima city.

The climate of Lima during the winter season has a temperature that
ranges between 14 and 17ºC with a lower thermal sensation due to the effects of
humidity and frequent drizzle. The use of warm clothing is recommended.

  • In the city of Cusco.

The climate of Cusco is cold and dry from May to December. The average temperature in the capital is 12ºC being the maximum of 18ºC and the minimum of 4ºC, approximately. The use of warm  clothing is recommended.

On the other hand, Cusco is a city located at 3400 meters above sea level, so it is possible to feel some discomfort during the first days or get altitude sickness or “soroche”, which has its root cause in the lack of oxygen. Symptoms can include from headache, insomnia, to nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to rest as much as possible on the first day, eat light and drink plenty of fluids, especially coca tea, which has known healing and digestive properties. Alcohol, cigarettes and heavy food should be avoided.

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