CF1: Alicia Carriquiry (Iowa State University, USA – Conferencia “Pilar iglesias”)

A Bayesian Hierarchical Mixture Model with Applications in Forensic Handwriting Analysis (Abstract)


CF2: Catalina Vallejos  (University of Edinburgh & The Alan Turing Institute, UK)

Statistical challenges in the analysis of single-cell gene expression data (Abstract)


CF3: Lurdes Inoue (University of Washington, USA)

Tailoring screening to address patient heterogeneity? (Abstract)


CF4: Abel Rodriguez (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Relational Data and Exogenous Variables (Abstract)


CF5: Isadora Antoniano-Villalobos (Università Ca’​ Foscari Venezia, Italia

Data imputation of large observations via Bayesian inference for multivariate extremes (Abstract)


CF6: Rosangela Loschi (Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Semi-parametric models for heterogeneous degradation data (Abstract)


CF7: Mauricio Sadinle (University of Washington, USA – Conferencia “Francisco Torres”)

Bayesian Propagation of Record Linkage Uncertainty into Subsequent Analyses (Abstract)


CF8: Dani Gamerman (UFRJ, Brasil) 

Modeling exceedances in extreme value theory: foundations, regression, time series and multivariate settings. (Abstract)