Name: Llerzy Esneider Torres
Institution: Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Co-authors: José Rafael Tovar

The main difficulties when using the Bayesian approach are obtaining information from the specialist and estimating the vector of hyperparameters of the assumed probability distribution as representative of a priori knowledge, in addition to the fact that a large part of the literature on this subject is characterized by considering a priori conjugated distributions for the parameter of interest. An indirect elicitation method is proposed to find the hyperparameters of a nonconjugated a priori distribution. The following were considered for Bernoulli trials: four a priori distributions (Beta, Kumaraswamy, Truncated Gamma and Truncated Weibull) and four scenarios for the generating process. Two necessary, but not sufficient conditions were identified to ensure the existence of a hyperparameter solution vector.
The Truncated Weibull a priori distribution performed the worst.