Name: Omar Chocotea
Institution: Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile
Co-authors: Luis Antonio Calle


Knowing the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of the city of La Paz – Bolivia with respect to a wide spectrum of situations that condition their quality of life and their happiness, allows to inuence the possible public policies aimed at improving the quality of life and encourage debate for the denition of a collective imaginary about the quality of life, and the construction of a fair, democratic, and sustainable city.
This work is based on the citizen perception survey Quality of life in the city of La Paz, and has the following dimensions: aspect or image, consumption, cultural issues, leisure and way of life, equality, education, sports, housing, dierent groups of the population, information technologies, relations between people, environment, transport and transit, security, health, work, transparency and political participation. The exhaustive cleaning of the items that do not provide information will be done with psychometric analysis and impact analysis. In the new structure, Biplot methods for compositional data will be available to build/characterize the satisfaction dimension of inhabitants of La Paz city.

Acknowledgement. The research of O. Chocotea was supported by grant FIB-UV 2019.